Feel Good Swim is


Tired of trying on swimsuits that don't fit your bust?

Feel Good Swim is all about creating attractive and sustainably-made swimsuit options for the D+ woman!  

We're busy making this suit come to life. In the meantime, get on the waitlist and stay ABREAST on all launch details.


Here's the mission...

...to create a classic one-piece swimsuit built with sustainable materials that a D+ woman can feel confident in.

woman drifting on a wave

The suit blueprint:

  • Comfortable support 
  • Completely adjustable
  • Shoulder straps that aren't painful 
  • One-piece design
  • Timeless style and eco-friendly fabric that you can feel good in and about

The founder.

Create swimsuits for larger busts? Hell yes! We deserve to feel confident too. Meet Amber, the founder of Feel Good Swim.

She was tired of never finding anything that fit. Online or in stores, it all felt helpless.

One summer after putting on a raggedy old swimsuit, she knew there had to be other women that felt the same way.

...and Feel Good Swim was born!

amber rankin of feel good swim

Feel Good Swim gives you the suits you can live life in. Instead of being limited to the sidelines with your bum firmly planted on your towel, you're empowered to get out there and have some fun. 

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