Feel Good Swim is


Tired of trying on swimsuits that don't fit your bust?

Feel Good Swim is all about creating attractive and sustainably made swimsuit options for the D+ woman!  

I'm busy making this suit come to life. In the meantime, to get details on launch progress and all the behind the scenes action, join me below! 


I'm On a Mission!

...to create a classic one-piece swimsuit built with sustainable materials that a D+ woman can feel confident in. I want to end our struggle! 

Feel Good Swim was born out of the frustration of never finding something that fit me.  

I'm just like you and have a larger chest. Time and time again, I would be disappointed by the suits I would try on in store (let alone the awkwardness of getting entirely naked in a crowded, oddly lit dressing room) or the “Hail Mary” I’d do when ordering a suit online praying that I wouldn’t have “four-boob”.  

It got to the point where I stopped doing any water related activities...and no one should feel that way!  

This suit will get us back out there again. No need to wear a sports bra to the pool anymore, ladies.  

And instead of being stranded on our beach towels, this suit will be comfortable and supportive enough that we can wear it to hike up that waterfall without the fear of the nip slip.  

You’ll be able to paddle board and kayak without the fear of popping out.

Amber walking on the beach
jumping into water

The Swimsuit Blueprint:

  • Comfortable support 
  • Completely adjustable 
  • Shoulder straps that aren't painful 
  • One-piece design
  • Classic style and sustainable fabric that you can feel good in and about

From "outdoorsy" to "outdoorsish", Feel Good Swim wants to provide the swimsuit you can live life in. Instead of being limited to the sidelines with your bum firmly planted on your towel, you're empowered to get out there and have some fun. 

When you're on vacation and you get up early for that hike to the hidden lake versus lay by the pool, Feel Good Swim is by your side. 

When the weekend rolls around and you opt to take your dog for a walk or make it to your nearest trail versus kicking back on the couch, Feel Good Swim is cheering you on.

Feel Good Swim is creating a design that you can feel comfortable, confident, and attractive in.  

If you appreciate timeless style designed with clean lines and sustainable materials, please join me by subscribing. Not only will you get first dibs on the upcoming presale, but you'll also receive updates on launch progress, fellow founder interviews, and tons of great outdoor and adventure-focused content. 

This won't become a reality without you!  

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